Honor the stories that scared you.

Help fund this series of scary, cautionary tales from many different cultures. A series of six designs featuring the spookiest folk we were told about as children in the form of art prints and vinyl stickers. I created a series of six designs of stories from around the world. They are all cousins in the same scary family… they want to be printed together as one project. And I need your help. The project will take the form of:

  • High quality vinyl stickers: 3x3”
  • Numbered art prints: 5x7”

If all goes well, all six designs will rise from the land of our dark imaginations and enter this material plane!

la llorona the big bad wolf The Bagman baba yaga krampus The Night hag
These homies, but as stickers and art prints. Slightly less terrifying… But real!
la llorona, the big bad wolf, and the bagman

Goal: $600 - The first three designs

Create stickers and art prints for La Llorona, The Big Bad Wolf, and The Bagman.

Baba Yaga, krampus, and the night hag

Stretch Goal: $1200 Unlock all designs

Unlock the designs of Baba Yaga, Krampus, and The Night Hag!

mystery sticker

Stretch Goal II: $1800 - Bonus Holo-foil sticker for every backer!

A super-secret-spooky-surprise design will be included for all backers, including Entry Level backer!


Pledge Entry Level: Helping out! ($3)

You will receive a special thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

Pledge Level 1: Spooped ($6) -

Receive a sticker or art print of your choice from available designs.

Pledge Level 2: Can’t Sleep ($25) -

Get the complete set of either: all availabe stickers, OR all available art prints. Your choice.

Pledge Level 3: Scared $#!%-less! ($100) -

Get the whole story! Obtain a complete set of all stickers and all art prints, and a bonus 4”x6” original pen and ink drawing of the scary subject or character of your choice!*

* I reserve the right to decline a proposed subject for any reason. Yes to horror, gore, and spooky subjects. No vore, no pornography, no racism, no trump, no b.s., and **no revisions.** If I find your proposed subject offensive and I reject the idea, you will still receive a piece of original art! It will be the subject of my choosing. I have a sense of humor and I'm a horror-head, but I don't have time to suffer fools. If you're worried, send your top three ideas.

The Future

I would love to extend this series to more characters from around the world. Thanks for your support!