So anyway I basically finished my nano project before nano

I set an achievable goal for myself to complete something achievable and easy and small for Nanowrimo. However, because I go hard, I basically completed it already. While it’ll take some extra polish and some laying out, that won’t take more than a week. I decided to come up with another small achievable thing.

Another Small Achievable Thing

I came up with a prompt idea. Since we all use a certain music streaming service, I made a public playlist where all my friends can add collaborate and add songs. Once there are 31 songs, I’m going to write a small piece for each song. Maybe it’s a flash fiction, maybe it’s a poem, maybe it’s a whole short story, but it’s another daily practice that allows me to get something onto the page with a prompt. It seems like the kind of thing that will be easy to make into a zine afterward. Must everything become a zine? Why not?

Workflow on the self-published dnd adventure

Since I had already written everything out for myself in the past, now it’s just a matter of drafting everything so that it makes sense for other minds. I’ve decided to start using Notion (hail educator discount) and it’s been a great way to write in Markdown in the cloud. Finally, I feel like I’ve found a writing solution. I haven’t tried writing truly long pieces yet, but I can imagine splitting those up into individual sections to make it work. Illustrating for the self-pub adventure has been a trip. Part of me wants or needs to brush up on the basics and get a feel for drawing again. But as I draw and review reference and attempt to emulate other people like I always do, I find that I’m much more drawn to play and experimentation and doing something that’s more aligned to what I actually like to draw. I’m going to continue to experiment with methods. I’ve transitioned to just using Adobe Fresco, and I’ve started to heavily utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud storage in a workflow that solves a lot of problems for me. I remember thinking, why the hell would anyone use the CC cloud storage? and then I decided to incorporate drawing on my iPad into the workflow, and then I started using it to upload photos of the pages of all the shit I need to run a dnd session out of a book, and it’s become incredibly useful. I’ll do a thorough write up of my process once everything is complete.